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Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

First Impressions Beauty

Using natural vegetable colours which are formulated for the eye area

Eyelash Tint (Black, Brown, Blue-Black, Brown-Black)

$ 24

Eyelash Tint With facial

$ 18

Eyebrow Tint

$ 16

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint with Eyebrow shape

$ 48

Eyelash Extensions

First Impressions Beauty

A procedure only done by qualified technician. A high quality eyelash made from silk fibre is grafted to your natural lash using a simple pain free application. So light you can’t feel them when your wearing them, safe to bathe & swim. Eyelash extensions enhance the natural beauty of your eyes without the need of messy mascara, it really is a must try. Once you try it you wont be without them!

Full set

$ 140

Half Set

$ 80


$ 50 – $ 80

3D Lash Extensions

$ 190


$ 90-$ 110

Lash removal

$ 40

Eyelash Perming

First Impressions Beauty

Eyelash Perm

$ 55

Eyelash Perm Inc Tint

$ 70

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